Development of the logo and brand identity for DevCorps, including its website and a digital marketing campaign.

Development of the logo and brand identity for The Submarine, a new advertising company located in Lisbon (Portugal). The project included the design of the web and several adaptations to multiple supports.

Development of a health training platform for pharmacists, accredited by the Pharmaceutical Society (Ordem dos Farmacêuticos, Portugal). It facilitates the access to e-learning contents and recent launches as well as the management of promotional material and rewards plan.

Creation and design of the LinceApp, an intuitive mobile tool aimed to help patients to comply with the treatment prescribed by ophthalmologists.

Design and development of a healthcare platform, where users can create and search for clinical cases.

Design of an e-learning platform and relevant contents.

Collaboration with the Feet It® team for the design of the logo, the original website and their mobile presence through the development of an app for iOS and android.

Collaboration with Digisfera for the creation of the brand identity for PanoTag. The project also included the design of customisable template for PanoTag app and the design of PanoTag website.